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What first aid equipment do I need to be compliant?

Immerse Medical large first aid kit

When you have completed your first aid needs assessment, you will need to provide the materials, equipment and facilities to make sure that the level of cover you have decided is necessary is available to your team at all times.

First aid equipment and kits need to be suitably marked and easily accessible in all places where your working conditions require it.

The minimum level of first aid equipment required by law is a suitably stocked and easily identifiable container (first aid kit). It is your responsibility to provide at least one of these for each work site with a sufficient quantity of first aid materials suitable for the particular circumstances of that workplace.

We have created this guide on the number and size of the first aid kits that you might need:

What degree of hazard is associated with your work activities?How many employees do you have?Number and size of first aid kits?
Low-hazarde.g. offices, shops, librariesFewer than 25
1 x small


1 x Medium

More than 50

1 x large per 50 employees
Higher-hazarde.g. light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, extensive work with dangerous machinery or sharp instruments, construction, chemical manufactureFewer than 5
1 x small


1 x medium

More than 50

1 x large per 25 employees

BS 8599 is a technical standard published by the British Standards Institution listing the recommended contents of first aid kits for workplaces and motor vehicles. The table below shows that recommended contents:

BS 8599 Recommended ContentsSmall (10 person)Medium (20 person)Large (50 person)
Alcohol free cleansing wipes203040
Burn relief dressing (10x10cm)122
Conforming bandage (7.5×4.5cm)122
Eye pad dressing (sterile)234
Finger dressing (sterile)234
First aid guidance leaflet111
Foil blanket123
Large dressing (18x18cm sterile)122
Medium dressing (12x12cm sterile)468
Microporous tape (2.5cmx5m)111
Nitrile gloves121824
Resuscitation face shield112
Safety pins61224
Triangular bandage (90x127cm)234
Universal shears (scissors)111
Washproof assorted plasters4060100
Eye Wash 250ml (sterile)1
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