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On 11th May 2020 the UK Government announced the immediate launch of COVID-19 Secure, a set of guidelines which all businesses must follow as soon as is practicable, to keep their staff, customers and visitors as safe as possible.

In it’s most basic form this means that every business is required to:

  • Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment
  • Develop cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures
  • Help people to work from home
  • Maintain 2m social distancing, where possible
  • Where people cannot be 2m apart, manage transmission risk

We understand that developing and implementing a strategy for all of the above steps is immensely challenging.  We also recognise that some of the guidance feels at best non-specific and at worst totally ambiguous.  Many of our customers are telling us that they just don’t know where to start and that they don’t feel confident that the steps they are planning or have taken will keep their staff, customers and business safe. Immerse Medical as experts in medical risk have joined forces with experts in IT, Reward IT and hospital grade cleaning, Carpetsure to bring you a range of COVID-19 Secure solutions. 

Working in partnership with you we will undertake a full assessment of your workplace and processes, culminating in an in depth report of recommendations to make your business COVID-19 Secure.  Each recommendation is fully supported by the option to purchase great value services and supplies. We have worked hard to ensure that we are sourcing supplies at great prices, with a secure supply chain from local businesses where we can.


Our supplies include

WHO approved alcohol hand sanitiser.

Washable, reusable face coverings.

Floor markings for safe social distancing.

Posters to promote safe workplace behaviours.

Sneeze and cough screens.

Disinfectant cleaning products

IT hardware and software.

The process

One of our expert assessors will attend your premises, following safe social distancing procedures and will undertake an in depth evaluation of your premises, people and processes.

We will produce for you a completely bespoke report based on the findings in our assessment.

Our reports contain recommendations designed to keep your business, staff and customers as safe as possible in the most practical and cost effective way.

Each recommendation is supported by the option to purchase great value services and supplies directly from us, or to source these yourself.

Our services include

Hospital grade deep cleaning of carpets, hard flooring, surfaces and soft furnishings.

ULV Bio-Fogging dispersing disinfectant throughout your premises.

IT support keeping your business systems running securely 24 hours a day.

Symptom screening support our purpose built app takes care of screening for you.

COVID-19 symptom screening app

If a member of staff or a member with symptoms, comes to one of your premises, the chance of an outbreak is increased.  In order to keep your staff, customers and business as safe as possible staff and visitors should be screened for symptoms as they arrive at your premises.

We recognise that asking all of your staff and visitors about symptoms every day can feel invasive and time consuming. That’s why we have developed a simple to use web based symptom checker. Ask your staff to complete the assessment as they arrive every day and the checker will advice them on their suitability to remain at work based on the presence of any COVID-19 symptoms. The symptom checker also gives advice on self-isolation and testing for the individual and anyone in their household in line with current UK Government guidance.

Branded and personalised versions also available.

£50 + VAT

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